Attic Invaders

Ominous sounds and noises coming from an attic is often the portrayal of horror films. However, in reality, rather than ghosts and spirits lurking around, chances are the noise from up above is caused by a critter in your home.

Many animals like rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, and even certain birds often seek out shelter in dark, dry, warm places like attics. These spaces are perfect for raising their young and hibernating during the winter season.

While it may seem tempting to ignore the noises caused by animals in your attic, remember that the creatures can eventually cause widespread damage. Common activities like chewing, digging, scratching, and eliminating waste can take its toll on your property.

Instead of ignoring the problem, the attic should be thoroughly inspected by a professional, the animals should be removed, and any damage or entry hole, regardless of size, must be fixed and sealed shut.

Wildlife Trapping

Not all critters will invade the inside of a house. In fact, most cases of problematic wildlife invaders occur in yards. These smart critters are often difficult for homeowners to handle alone. Skunks, opossums, groundhogs, beavers, snakes, armadillos, and other yard dwellers can dig unsightly holes, ruin gardens, cause property damage, and torment house pets.

These animals may get aggressive when tampered with and should be left to professionals to safely and humanely process their removal. Professional services are almost always recommended because most states have legal requirements regarding how to trap, handle, and dispose of wildlife. For example, it would be unwise to attempt capturing an opossum that gets agitated, and as a result, is unsafe to transport.

Home Inspection & Repair

Inspecting and repairing your home is a critical part of the wildlife removal process. Regardless of the number of opossums, rats, or mice you remove, if the holes that originally let them in remain open, more critters will eventually arrive to take their place.

We examine homes from top to bottom, inspect every single detail, and make note of areas that may allow uninvited guests to come inside. It has been our experience that many homeowners don’t realize the threats even the smallest holes in their yards and homes pose. These small holes, to the untrained eye, are often harmless, but they can serve as a gateway for critters and rodents to invade your space. For this reason, it is important that we identify these trouble areas sooner than later.

Our technicians will come out immediately to seal all problem areas with steel and other professional-grade materials, ensuring that animals cannot reenter your home. Always remember, wildlife trapping and removal is pointless without home repair!

Cleanup & Sanitation

Okay, so you’ve hired a professional to remove your nuisance wildlife, but does that mean you are responsible for the mess they left behind?

Not with Pest Control Animal. We offer animal residue clean up and sanitation after each removal. Why hire professionals for removal that leave you to clean up the mess? Our team prides itself on the entire restoration process, including attic and yard decontamination.

Animals that seek shelter in attics and yards do everything you expect them to do elsewhere. They eat, sleep, breed, and eliminate waste in the same space. Their droppings can be dangerous to humans to the degree of being fatal. This is due to traces of contaminants found in their waste, and makes wearing protective gear essential to handling the cleanup process. If the proper cleaning methods aren’t followed, pheromones from existing animal waste can attract new uninvited guests.

Poison-Free Rodent Control

Many homeowners look to poison as a solution when looking to get rid of rodents like rats and mice. The issue with this approach is that poison is not meant to actually capture rodents; it is only meant to kill – slowly and inhumanely.

Killing a rat or a house mouse without capturing them can lead to some serious, smelly issues. Often when a rodent consumes a poisonous bait, it does not immediately die.  The poison takes time to kill the rodent. Before this happens, the rodent would likely have crawled into a space behind your walls before it actually dies. This makes it nearly impossible to find their dead bodies for removal. When this happens, your entire home will smell like dead rodents. No one wants that.

It is for the above reason that we do not recommend using poison. Our team can have your rodent problem permanently resolved within a week. Rest assured, no unnecessary pain and suffering will come to the animals.

Bat Colony Removal

Bats are unique creatures. They normally will not cause damage, but they are often noisy and will leave behind odoriferous feces which can cause harm to humans. What makes bats even more of a nuisance is that they co-habitat in colonies.

Bats are protected by federal law because they are important migratory animals. They must be removed through a process known as exclusion. This involves sealing up most entry holes in a home while only leaving one or two openings where the bats can fly out. Once they are out, they can’t get back in because special netting will be installed. Subsequently, the bats will relocate on their own.

Dead Animal Removal

This is probably the least known service in the wildlife industry; however, it’s one of the most important. When clients deal with rodent infestations, they often neglect the removal process. The reality check comes in when rodents are left dead behind walls or in ceilings. Decomposing animals become a hygiene issue because of toxic smells they release.

It is difficult for homeowners to find dead bodies on their own. That’s why we recommend calling in a professional. Our technicians are trained and experienced to understand how air currents work in a home. This helps them understand where the dead bodies will most likely be. Once the carcass (or carcasses) have been located, the decontamination and cleanup process can begin. This will keep your home sanitized and odor-free.