About Pricing

Pricing in the wildlife business is never simple. Most clients want straightforward pricing, but professional technicians emphasize the need for specificity.

Each situation is different and each animal is different, so determining clear-cut pricing for removal is pretty much impossible.


We stand behind getting to know the details first before giving you an accurate quote. As a result, we do our best to work accurately and pride ourselves on ensuring that you never have to call us again after we’ve taken care of the problem.



Raccoons are infamous for traveling in families. The most common combination includes an adult mother with a litter of her babies. Raccoon packs can live and hide behind walls for a long time. They build nests and co-habitat in small spaces like an attic or basement.

In order to effectively remove them from these areas, their nest must be removed, and the mother must be humanely trapped. Servicing a request for a situation like this involves a detailed process involving multiple service visits with experienced professionals who must eliminate all attractants, repair all potential entry and damages, as well as locate the source of the problem and effectively remove the raccoons. The infected area might also need cleaning and specialized repair. The total job might range from $300 on up for a complete solution.



Small rodents like rats and mice are difficult to deal with because they are very hard to locate. Their ability to crawl through incredibly small places makes dealing with them a major nuisance. They can crawl through plumbing and sewer systems or even nibble their way through walls. Small rodents must be trapped, and steel reinforcements are needed to cover any potential areas of re-entry before they are safely removed.

This ordeal requires multiple service visits with a thorough assessment of the level of infestation before a price can be quoted. Cleaning of the area might also be needed. The expected cost of the job can be upwards of $300.

Ground Trapping


This service is primarily used for nuisance wildlife outside of the home. Animals like opossums, which need to be trapped and removed in open, infected areas, will likely be a simpler task.

We will initially charge a service call visit to come to the property in order to set up the traps. The traps will be monitored, and once caught, the animals will be removed and driven to a relocation point. Other disposal alternatives may include euthanizing or cremation if your state law requires it.

To ensure we get things right, even our simplest jobs require several onsite visits. The total job might be $200 and up.

Dead Animal Removal


Dead animal removal might seem like a very simple task our technicians carry out. However, finding a dead animal can be extremely difficult. The animals are often only located by understanding how air currents in a home work. Our technicians will sometimes have to crawl through attics, basements, or under the foundation of a house in order to figure this out.

We often find that most dead animals must be cut out of a wall, which requires an area to be repaired with professional materials. Deodorization is frequently required after dead animal removal as well.  This total might cost around $150 and above.

Snakes & Other Animals


To many of our clients’ surprise, this might be one of our least involved services and therefore normally costs less. When removing snakes or other animals that haven’t yet made the space around your home a habitat, we can easily remove them and usually only require a one-time service call. Depending on the animal and the difficulty level of the situation, this service might cost $100 and up.