Different Ways to Get Rid of Canadian Geese

Canadian geese are beautiful creatures. However, these birds can also turn into a nuisance when sighted on your property, disturbing the peace and taking over the land. 

As in all wildlife proceedings, there are humane and inhumane ways to get rid of the. In this article, we’ll be reviewing preventative measures, trapping and relocation, repellents, and the ultimate inhumane act – the killing of the Canada goose.


In order to review all measures of prevention and removal, it must first be understood WHY these geese end up grazing your property in the first place. What attracts them to you?

Canada geese are grazers. Their primary source of fuel is low-cut grass packed with the necessary proteins to keep them thriving. Additionally, just like every other living species on this planet, they also need water and shelter.

If a goose lands on your property, it’s because you have readily available: food, shelter, and water. In essence, you are inadvertently providing them with the heaven that they’ve so long sought after.

So, whether the bird is causing you a nuisance or not, you need to approach it with care. The bird is not there to intentionally cause harm. It is simply living.


So, the ultimate question when dealing with a nuisance Canada goose: “What can I do to get rid of it?!”



Installing barriers around your property seems like the most common sense of all the options, however, for whatever reason, it’s the most overlooked. Maybe it’s because of the labored hassle, or maybe it’s because of the expense…

Nonetheless, installing effective fencing is a safe and sufficient method of prevention, not only to Canada geese but to other such wildlife as well.

Make Your Property Less Attractive

Birds love low-cut grass. Make your property less attractive by planting high trees and shrubbery, eliminating any water source or bird fountain, and by all means – don’t feed it!


If you are unsure of this process, it is best to consult wildlife professionals. Trapping can be effective, but it can also be harmful if not done properly.

The process involves:

  • acquiring the correct trap for said species
  • placing it in the correct location so that you give yourself the best chance at capture
  • pre-baiting the trap as to lure the bird into the cage
  • continuing to check the trap multiple times throughout the day

If the bird is captured and you don’t check, it can become distressed and anxious due to being in confinement for too long. This doesn’t go well for either party.


It’s illegal. You cannot kill or injure Canada geese. The use of guns, poisons, or any other fatal weapon will result in legal action against you. In fact, since the early 1900s, these geese have been protected under a federal act. 

Without a permit, killing, harming, injuring, or damaging the bird, its eggs, nest, or any other of the bird’s property is illegal. 

Always confer to your local wildlife and legal authorities to understand your rights and always take their advice. These folks are trained professionals and they will point you in the proper direction on how to handle the situation.


In summary, here’s what you need to know when dealing with a nuisance Canada goose. 

  • It is illegal to kill, injure, or damage the bird or the bird’s property 
  • Even with a permit, unless necessary, may result in legal action
  • Avoid repellents at all costs
  • Instead, take preventative measures
  • Involve trained wildlife professionals if you have access to their services
  • Always act in a humane manner
  • Understand that these birds mean no harm and that the situation can be handled in a professional manner that is most beneficial for both parties involved